YouTuber Does Something Embarrassing… RiceGum, Atrioc, KSI, Jake & Logan Paul

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00:00 YouTube Fixes Serious “Glitch”
1:35 RiceGum Is Coming Back
2:16 Streamer Berates Viewers
3:52 Huge Streamer Atrioc Caught Doing Something Horrible
6:16 KSI Reveals Serious Situation
8:38 Jake Paul Calls Out Tommy Infront Of Tyson Fury
9:30 Logan Paul Gets Praise For Insane WWE Move
10:19 YouTuber Memology Calls For Help
12:25 Many YouTube Workers Lose Their Jobs
13:05 Twitch Bans Kai, Bruce, And Other Streamers
15:44 Creator Clash 2 Revealed With Big YouTubers
17:11 FaZe Stock Hits All Time Low

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