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    OSM Vision Policy & things you need to know!

    • When you upload a video to our YouTube channel, we will promote your upload via our website and twitter. We will tweet it out to our followers 3 times (minimum).
    • When you upload to OSM Vision your video will be pushed to 19,000+ people on Youtube, 3,000+ people on Twitter and lots more through our promotional techniques.
    • If we have shot 3 of your videos in the past, then all uploads to OSM Vision are free for you, but require a budget for promotion. This starts from £30 and can go up to any amount within your own budget. This simply means that you can film and edit videos with other cameramen and upload to OSM Vision for free, if you’ve used us 3 times and uploaded to our channel 3 times.
    • If you are 15 or under and you wish to book a video, we will need confirmation from a parent or guardian aged 18 or over before we can proceed. Video prices for minors are lowered accordingly.
    • If you wish to remove your video from our YouTube page, the takedown fee is 10% of the overall video cost (including money we spent on promotion).
    • If you’ve uploaded a video you don’t own, then automatically the rightful owner will have final say with what happens to the video. If there’s any legal fee’s on our side due to your copyright issues, then you will be fully liable to pay for them.
    • Video prices vary depending on what’s needed for the shoot.

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