WSTRN vs N-Dubz….kinda!!! || HC Pod

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This Podcast Is Sponsored by Benjart: || Its been 7 years since WSTRN released ‘In2’. We discuss their impart and either or not they fulfilled their potential. Also N-Dubz is back. Dappy was VERY anti this, why has he agreed to do it now??? —- Use Promo Code: HCPOD for 20% off & free shipping

00:00 HC Pod x Benjart Partnership
7:55 Tiktok vs Youtube
9:24 Twitter Is The Best Place For War
19:14 Poet playing at Manchester United
25:06 Seven years since WSTRN dropped In2
32:01 Has WSRTN Fulfilled Their Potential
54:50 Support Acts Should Be Scrapped???
1:11:53 N-Dubz is Back
1:17:22 Why Now Has Dappy Agreed To Rejoin N-Dubz?
1:27:22 Honorable Shout Out To Krept, Nala & Sasha
1:30:29 Old Tweets
1:35:55 Anthony Joshua Might Pull Up!


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