Was Noahs Ark a Spaceship or a Boat | Ask Us Anything Episode 11

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– Chapters

0:00 Intro
3:45 What is The Name Of The Creator Of All
4:49 Salvation Meaning
6:47 Is There a Creator Of All
9:00 Name Of The Creator Of All
12:02 Should We Pray To Our Ancestors
17:19 Dark Skin Angels And Fallen Angels
20:40 How Can We Free The Master Teacher
24:24 Who Wants To Eat Us
28:10 Why Are Nuwaupians Vegetarians
30:47 Enlils Gatekeeper
32:44 Reincarnation Bloodtypes
34:25 Creator Of The Universe
36:30 Are We Gods
39:44 Was Noahs Ark a Boat or a Spaceship
42:40 I Am a Member Of The Voodoo Community
45:35 I Died At Age 14 And Came Back
49:36 I Keep Seeing Double Numbers 11, 22, 33 etc
51:58 Where Can I Get Your Book
52:38 Reoccurring Dream
56:09 How To Cleanse
1:00:38 Did Dr Malachi Z York Manifest Himself Into Prison
1:04:00 Cannabis
1:07:58 What Does The Bible Mean When It Says
1:13:15 What Should You Do If You’re Contacted By ET

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