Waffle Olympics (Ep39) Homemade tractor beam!! Feat. Krome + Seano Mac

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Hosted by Lefty

Episode 39


Welcome to the Waffle Olympics, the podcast where we delve into the art of talking nonsense and explore the world of meaningless chatter. Hosted by Lefty and a team of hilarious and irreverent hosts, this podcast is your go-to source for all things waffling.

From nonsensical ramblings to absurd debates, we’ll cover it all and provide you with tips and tricks for mastering the art of waffling. Whether you’re looking to hone your skills in the art of small talk or simply want to enjoy some mindless banter, the Waffle Chronicles has got you covered.

Join us each week as we bring on a special guest to discuss their own experiences in the world of waffling. From comedians to philosophers, we’ll hear from a wide range of voices as they share their insights and perspectives on the art of talking nonsense..



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