Paigey Cakey – Ten (Official Video)

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Music video by Paigey Cakey performing Ten (Official Video). © 2024 Paigey Cakey

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Produced By Adiktive
Directed by Flava Fa Ya Eye
Vocals Mixed By Adiktive


Just got word and I heard that my mans coming in a Honda
Come sharp like my eyebrows better bring that unsucapuntas
Dem man move funny like Timone and Pumba
Lifes all cray and its all mad in the Dunya
I aint never give out my number
Bad b look at the bumpa
Yo yo
Still got love for the youngers
Mad me ah wah di buma
Yo yo
Pattern up a check and bounce
Nothing ever less a grand
I aint never move an ounce
Chillin in my dressing gown
Scretchhh up the tyres and full circle
If I see you in person it’s full verbal
I aint do the online less I shop Virgil
Uhhhhhh one second
It’s straight off white no noctornal
Anything they throw ima jump hurdles
Cah I pack that heat it’s infernal

The vibe is a 10
We style on a 10
The gyaldem a 10
The mandem a 10
We slide on a 10
Can’t do it like them
Everything stay 10 outta 10

Why the hell would I need ya
I got Kim and Keisha
She’s from yard so I flew her Antigua
I just esta the visa
Gave her badge like she’s on blue pepper
Dark tints on the Beema
So I drive by and I do a John seena
I never did see you on action
Me and bae flex on matching fashion
Money done flip gymnastic
Run 2 cheques and I might just cash it
Belly season gastric
With my dawgs bullmastiff
Check the watch its classic
I can buy it 3 times over a hattrick

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