I know she want Ez always
Pest ma phone she warn text
Babe just hold up a sec
Came on her own I know she wants ***
King of ma throne no holes in my rep
T’s on the phone he’s home in a sec
Lil bro’s cold u know what he said
Don’t stick to road **** go get bread er
Don’t stick to the road side I was young I was dumb an I didn’t know right
I sold b an I sold white started lines but that **** didn’t go right
You ain’t stayed in a nittys crib for the hole night
Sleep with the pack where the theme can’t go right
Used to lick grafts I guess I was a low
That’s was my past now I got my own life
I’ma make **** better for the best
Say it with ma chest cause I’m better than the rest
**** gets tecky bro’s hiding his tech
Iain’t blessed ma life Is a mess
Bro’s in pen doing nine off a stretch
You can’t deny u lie for respect
I don’t lie ma ryhems are in check
If ma guys outside ur life is at threat
Got the nine in the ride the knife is on deck
These days don’t role with knifes when I step
Catch man on there own get right an a left
Man get stretched to the side by the ref
He ain’t my guy I don’t like what he said
Something got touched likely something by my friend
Yano for m I’ll ride for my friend
If Iv got ten give time to my friend

Talking **** what you talking bout
Tell rkid to go sort him out
Can’t wait till my wrist cost 40 thousand
I’ll stay in the bits I’ll walk around
Bro needs bricks then I’ll sort him out
Talking bricks then I bought a house
Your gyal wants dick so I sort here out
I’m walking in the I’m walking out

Don’t know what he’s saying they talk **** for clout
Can’t wait till ma wrist cost 60 thousand
I’ll stay in the bits I’ll stick around
Bro needs bricks then I’ll fling em out
Talking if I’m talking brick then I gripped a house
Stop talking bricks  when u gripped an ounce
I can’t wait till all of my kids are out
Yh we gone live life I can picture now 

Yo Res switch that!

We got shells for the dots n got teeth for the nine
God help all these opps n u need free all my guys
You know the fake ones drop n real dem a rise
If I got blood on my top best know that it’s not mine 

Cool kid but I’m boasy
Am a hazard like loski
They talk tough but want no beef
I’m from the jungle like mowgli
Always cotched when I roll street
On my ones try approach me
We take z’s you can go sleep
Made ya bed now get cosy
Benji that’s my broski
Throw me peice we get Smokey
For the enemy’s we get poky
Full of Hennessy I might od
I got memories with ma homie
Can’t wait till your home g
Just he always in ot
He be reloading on oz’s
They locked my bro’s I feel lonely
No envelopes Yh they phone me
Missed the call but I phoned back
Miss them all n they know that
Yh I miss them all n they know that
Post pics I can only post throwback
Post pics I can only post throwback


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