N4M3L355 Vs RAZ REN | Don’t Flop Rap Battle

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Who do you think won: N4M3L355 or RAZ REN?

You need to let us know:
πŸ’­ Who went the hardest?
πŸ’­ What were their best rounds?
πŸ’­ Who had the biggest moments?

⏱️ Jump to:
0:00 β—¦ Round 1: RAZ REN
2:27 β—¦ Round 1: N4M3L355
5:10 β—¦ Round 2: RAZ REN
7:02 β—¦ Round 2: N4M3L355
11:16 β—¦ Round 3: RAZ REN
13:18 β—¦ Round 3: N4M3L355

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