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Global online radio stations Rinse FM and Seoul Community Radio (SCR) have announced a transcontinental collaboration aimed at introducing new worldwide audiences to artists from their respective bases in Europe and Asia.

The partnership will see South Korea-based station SCR takeover the Rinse airwaves first Saturday of each month, broadcasting fresh tracks and regional DJ mix showcases from their studio in Seoul.

In return, the London based pirate radio pioneer will broadcast to SCR during the second Tuesday of each month – primetime in Seoul – with a selection of rising talent from their diverse artist roster.

Each broadcast will take place across both SCR & Rinse’s radio, audio and video streaming platforms, as well as Rinse France, aiming to broaden horizons and introduce new sounds to each station’s separate audiences.

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Rinse is at the centre of a vast musical community. As genres, artists and scenes evolve and fragment, so Rinse remains locked to the pulse of the underground. Inspiring and nurturing people to create the music that they want to hear, the results speak for themselves.

Est.1994. Transmitting uncompromising and innovative music out of its East London heartland, it started life as a pirate station established by a group of friends wanting to share the music that inspired them

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