Lady Leshurr – 2Gether Now – Collab with Toddla T & @JD Official

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I’ve collab’d with JD & Toddla T to create our own football banger, 2Gether Now. If you like what ur hearin show some love 🙏🏾 @JD Official

2Gether Now Out Now! Check out the content on TikTok here:

#LadyLeshurr #2GetherNow #PassItOn

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Snapchat – itsladyleshurr
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Lyrics –
That’s right altogether now
Finally we can all be altogether now

It’s the league, who’s your team what you repping now
Fly the flag better mind the fans when they take em out
And when it all kicks off it’s a mad ting
Crowd going wild now everybody’s chanting
I be thinking out of the box they goal hanging
Make the goal banging
No ramping
I hold it down tick tick with the tekkers
Bars too foul so the ref gimme a redders
I make them all fall back like a stage dive
Through Ball an im attack get ya range right
New drip new kit styles water
[Listen I’m a ball like I’m] in the final quarter
Take a fire corner heads up now it’s gone
Take the passion and then pass it on

And even though the stands might not be a full house
I’ll be in the yard with the fam it’s a full house
Dance hall flows, handball I make them all bounce
Slide tackle the right angles and make em Fall down
They don’t want any of This smoke
Not Begging Where hotter than lit stoves
Switch flows get it in you ain’t saving this goal
Man it’s on site if it’s offside are you mad that’s an insult
I’ll make em admire the gyal
They don’t ball no more I’ll retire a gyal
Cus when we score
You’ll hear the crowd just scream roar
Put ya flags high up in the air and rep ya team more
Ah no them lot can’t ball man yeah they mad slow
Them gyal are just winging it like……
Take note Yh we got the ball like……
Bring the trophy back home with the passion then ya pass it on

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