Ivorian Doll – Fire In The Booth

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Ivorian Doll is in the studio for her 1st Fire In The Booth freestyle.


0:00 – intro
1:07 – Ivorian Doll on @shownproveuk beat
2:54 – Ivorian Doll on @kennydeeh beat
5:07 – outro

#IvorianDoll | #FireInTheBooth | #Rap

Listen to this Ivorian Doll Fire in the Booth here:
 https://apple.co/2UyIB42

Listen to Ivorian Doll’s new music here:
 https://apple.co/3f0yhLS

Listen to more Charlie Sloth on Apple Music:
 http://apple.co/charlie

Fire In The Booth is a Charlie Sloth original freestyle Rap format on Apple Music.

It’s very different now.


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