Is The Devil Real | Ask Us Anything Episode 9

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Is the devil real is one of the questions asked in todays episode of ‘Ask Us Anything’. Wu-Sabat Documentary coming at 100k Subscribers

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– Chapters

0:00 Intro
5:00 Thoth / Tehuti
7:00 Books By Malachi Z York
10:00 Ask Us Anything
14:09 How Did Melanated People Get In This Position
26:15 Should African Americans Go To Africa
30:21 Do You Have Any Connection To Young Elder
32:13 Who is Jesus If There’s 3 In The Bible
41:03 Gnosticism Explained
49:52 Does The Devil Exist
57:39 War Between Draconians and Galactic Federation
1:01:09 Dr York Shape Shifting
1:04:17 Trapped In a Realm
1:07:26 Speak On Rashad Jamal
1:09:17 The Devil Explained
1:12:21 Appreciation
1:12:33 Community
1:13:24 One Love All
1:13:32 What’s Your Status
1:14:35 Creation Story
1:19:32 Does Wu-Sabat Followers Get Less Sick
1:21:19 Using Blood During Prayer
1:23:43 How To Grow As Beings
1:27:29 Be Careful Of Folks That Think They Know Everything

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Entertainment and Informational purposes only.

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