Gym For Beginners – How To Lose Fat

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Gym For Beginners With @Dude_Named_Rece where he is going to show you how he lost fat and got into shape. He will walk you through different exercises and show you different tips and tricks in the gym. If there’s something you’d like to know more about the gym then please comment your questions below.

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Chapters –

0:00 Intro
0:14 What is a Rep
0:47 What is a Set
1:38 Warm Up Before Your Workout
2:03 When You First Enter a Gym
2:24 Bicep Curl
3:44 Gym Etiquette
4:20 Bicep Curl Set 2
6:00 How I Warm Up
6:34 Bicep Curl Set 3
8:08 Shoulder Press Set 1
9:52 Tip To Lose Fat
11:45 Shoulder Press Set 2
12:34 Walk Around
12:58 What Does Being On a Cut Mean
14:00 Shoulder Press Set 3 (Lifting Whole Rack)
14:44 Clean Your Machine
15:11 Gym Advice
16:44 How I Lose Fat and Lose Weight
19:55 Weight Fluctuations
20:42 Caloric Deficit (My Fitness Pal App) – NOT SPONSORED
24:36 Cardio Vascular Health
29:18 Pull Ups
31:39 Chest Muscles
35:45 Calf Raises
37:39 Lateral Raises
39:52 How Am I Expected To Feel After a Gym Session
40:10 Outro



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