Giants In The Bible, Aliens and Ancient Mysteries Explored

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In this episode of “Shifting Dimensions,” host Jummie Moses talks with author Floyd Wills about his book on ancient mysteries and giants, “The Red-Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave & Other Ancient Mysteries.” They discuss the red-haired giants of Lovelock Cave, the suppression of controversial archaeological findings, and the influence of ancient aliens on human history. The conversation also touches on the spiritual implications of these topics, the role of the media in spreading fear, and the recent government disclosures about aliens. They emphasize the importance of questioning beliefs, maintaining a positive outlook, and the power of individual consciousness. The episode concludes with Floyd sharing his personal practices for living intentionally, including morning scripture study and an examination of conscience.

Floyd’s Book:

*Chapters -*

0:00 Introduction and Floyd’s Interest in Giants and Ancient Mysteries
9:01 What Are the Origins of the Nephilim and Red Haired Giants
13:38 The Physical Characteristics of Giants
16:07 What Happened To The Remains of The Red Haired Giants
23:43 The Implications of Giants Roaming the Earth and Ancient Genetic Engineering
29:00 Why Is This Knowledge Important For The Human Race
33:00 Are Ancient Giants Aliens?
38:13 Theological and Spiritual Implications
46:27 Releasing Fear Consciousness
54:33 Government UFO Disclosure and Potential Manipulation
1:00:17 Conclusion/Outro

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