Electrician Plumber Trade Show with Kimmy The Sparks

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Kimmy The Sparks takes us around the Exel Show, The electricians exhibition 2024 held in Alexandra Palace.

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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kimmythesparks/

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Chapters –

0:00 – Intro
0:45 – Kewtech
2:48 – Wago
5:09 – CT1
7:52 Bacon Roll and a Cup Of Tea
9:00 Free Mason
10:48 Just Fix
11:53 Most Famous Builders In The World
12:30 Wera
14:00 Switch Board Challenge
17:30 Power Tool Brand Beefs
19:56 Best Trousers
21:17 Exo Skeleton Knee Pads
21:35 Boilers & More
22:17 Large Wrench
23:09 NIC EIC
23:51 2nd Place Challenger
24:21 Worst Thing To Happen To Electricians
26:18 Surge Protection
27:53 Evil Robot
29:00 Generating Static
29:18 Wireless Kinetic Switches
30:48 Scolmore
31:32 Speaking To NIC
31:52 Tea
32:38 Outro

None of this video is sponsored by any brands featured. All Opinions are those of their own



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