Campaign started to make London its own Country & Leave Great Britain

Whilst millions across the Country are rejoicing about the decision to leave the EU, others are outraged about the decision, the majority of these people, are residents of the Countries Capital , London. A  larger majority also comes from districts in Scotland.

A petition has been started by angry voters via Twitter who feel they were not heard, to make the City of London independent, meaning it stays in the EU and no longer remains part of England. Many have said the thought of this is Ludacris as part of a Country leaving to be independent is a crazy thought, and the thought of the CAPITAL of the country doing this, is unfathomable.

it has been said however, that it would make sense for Scotland to vote out of the UK as the majority of the Country voted to remain in the EU. Whatever happens with London, the decision to leave the EU has shook the World, with Countries including France Italy and Holland all calling for votes to be held about also leaving.

stayed tuned to OSM for more updates.

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