B Franklin | The Season’s Changing (Spoken Bars) [Music Video]: SBTV

This was one of the submissions we got via #SBTV2016 – We are all about supporting real messages & talent, regardless of where you’re from or how many followers you have. This guy didn’t even have Twitter but his friend sent Jamal a link & it caught his attention. The rest is history. Enjoy the lyrics below.

“The video, which was co-directed by myself and JKilleen, was inspired by a close friend of mine who was struggling with some personal turmoil and severe alcoholism.” – B Franklin

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Thanks for watching!
Music produced by Riddle
Video produced and shot by JKilleen
To be alleviated from ceaseless inhebriation to me means to be free’d from the reins and the misleading heinous reach of Satan,
I see the season’s changing,
I’m meeting daily for brief engagements with grieving strangers to appease the needs I’m plagued with,
They see the pain beneath the facelift,
I preach of my fleeting relations with seemingly fake bits and their immediate meagre replacements,
Cheating ways, deceitful gains and leading people astray,
These are the reasons I’d retreat to a litre daily I’m brazen when fleecing unstable people’s wages with weed and ‘caine I’d relieve the neediest feeble paigons,
I never cease to reign over the week and jaded,
To keep my demons at bay some days I would feel the need to pray,
At night I would look to the heavens above,
I look down,
I see drugs that I’m pedalling crushed cut to a measurement under the number I’d settled with punters that love to be present in clubs,
With the correct repetitive run these irrelevant mugs could have me pushing a Benz in a month,
Just be infectious when selling to blunderous pestering cunts,
When tempted to empty the Elephant’s trunk I take a flustered, degenerate, dumb, inelegant slut to any derelict budget premises,
Hotels and dirty sheets bode well when serving ‘D’ to low helpless pervy freaks,
But why would I resort to sordid gratification, no more than passive elation with whores and passable strangers then walk back to the broad I’m happy and great with?,
Without implausible laughable statements my thoughtless callous behaviour would have caused the saddest deflation way before the flat was engrained with a chorus of anguish and hatred,
And despite the shuffles in Huarache trainers, ******* that could last an age, the love we had for drugs, emphatic company we had to rave with, this was nothing but a bad mistake,
Not to mention the baby Father intrusions,
They would greatly harm me and make the arguments ruthless,
He should have been incarcerated harshly and neutered if armed with a Ruger I’d target this foolish disheartening judas and,
bury his corpse in the open sea without any remorse or soulful grief,
the perilous thought of my delicate Orchid sowing seed with this feral and ornery social being had me heavily naucaus and so aggrieved,
So to be relieved and saved from beleagured bleak enslavement, defeatist wasters, scheming snakes and undeviating grievous cravings to me means to take heed at A.A meetings daily and keeping patient,
I see the season’s changing.

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