528Hz Healing Tone | Cure Illnesses With Sound

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*What does 528 Hz do to the brain?*
Frequency of 528 Hz also reduces total concentration of reactive oxidative species in brain tissue. Prolonged exposure to this sound wave showed reduction of anxiety related behaviours in rats. The results reveal that reduced anxiety is related to increased concentration of testosterone in brain.

*What is 528 Hz frequency good for?*
Some of the amazing benefits that might be experienced when one starts using the anxiety necklace and aligning with the Love Frequency every day are, anxiety relief, reduced stress, improved lung capacity, mindfulness and focus. Feeling of being more aware and more balanced are also common.

*Is sound healing real?*
Sound vibrations have a pretty powerful effect on our minds and bodies. Research shows us that sound healing can slow down our brain waves and put our bodies in a very relaxed, dreamlike state. It may also be able to help with certain physical and mental health conditions.

*What are the side effects of sound healing?*
Some people may experience cold symptoms or tiredness after a sound therapy session, some experience increased energy. Any adverse effects such as cold symptoms or headaches are a good thing. This is the body’s natural way of releasing unwanted toxins and shifting what needs to change.

*What note is 528?*
528 Hz is not really a distinct musical note. That frequency lies between C5 (also known as treble C, 523.251 Hz) and C5-sharp/D5-flat (554.365 Hz).

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