30 Minutes Crown Chakra Cleansing Singing Bowls

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Aura Cleansing Meditation is a relaxing practice you can engage in each night before sleep. It employs specific sound frequencies that correspond to your body’s chakras, aiming to purify your aura, and balance and heal your chakras using sound as a therapeutic medium. Ideally, a balanced lifestyle would naturally maintain this harmony. However, factors like lack of sleep and excessive stress can disrupt your energy field.

*Meditation Guide:*

Find a cozy spot to lie down. Begin by concentrating on your breathing, allowing any mental noise to dissipate. Visualize yourself enveloped in a radiant light with your eyes closed. Direct your attention to your spirit guides, requesting their protection as you transition into deep sleep. Invite them to guide this light through your chakras with the shifting music frequencies, eliminating any negativity, harmonizing these energy centers, and cleansing your aura.

Upon waking, sit up in your bed and take deep breaths for a few moments. Follow this with a glass of water before your breakfast.

The frequency of this meditation depends on your energy levels and how you feel. Utilize this meditation whenever you feel energetically drained. Regular aura cleansing through this meditation can help remove negative energies absorbed from others and your surroundings, assisting in maintaining a positive, high vibrational state.

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