Young Thug – Jonesboro [Official Visualizer]

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The official visualizer for Young Thug’s “Jonesboro” from his album ‘BUSINESS IS BUSINESS’ – Out Now!

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℗ 2023 Young Stoner Life Records exclusively distributed by 300 Entertainment/Atlantic Records

(Man **** that, **** that)
Coming out of Joneboro south (Aye)
Niggas having golds, all through their mouth
Lifetime goals (woo)
Running through the roof (whaw)
Pulling out the ghost (grah)
Make a nigga poof (grah)
Niggas talking **** but
What is it to do (Ha)
I knew his big homie nigga and I got the proof (woo)
My spot is a army base, and I got the proof (whatup)
Send my bitch on vacay, put her in a coupe(blddd, blddd, blddd)

Change the channel I don’t want to see none of these ***** niggas (Nah)
I been ******* niggas bitches and getting plenty figures (woo)
On the road to riches and got the realists with us (skrrt)
Slaughter gang with me niggas knives not a scissors (hugh)
Street nigga with a bunch of lives like a tigger (yeah)
Yall niggas just a bunch of dikes ******* niggas (pshh)
Nigga told and he was my homie I can’t miss em’ (Nah)
Aint nobody feel em

Tell me whatcha seen, whatcha saw
I done ran it up
I guessing which broad
Imma take her home tonight
I’m tryna see who I’m taking home tonight (yeahh)
I seen the junky get shot at the light (yeahhh)
The got to arguing over a new crack pipe (yeahh- eh -eh)
I called the seamstress my pants ain’t tight enough
None of my bitches tell my I’m not man enough
What the **** wrong with these broke ass niggas, yuh (yeah)

Verse 2
I told em tear it down
Imma think you pocket watching don’t look at my pants now
My diamonds louder than a ******* ambulance now
Ask the bitch from the sideline stand now

Running through the projects
Ducking all the broads got a knot in my pocket
A knot in my draws
Take off like a rocket with 13 broads (yeah)
Bricks in the attic put the racks in the walls (yeah)

No need to talk to me I’m big dog (yeah)
I roll the windows up (yeah)
And now they knowing us
I’m no beginner yeah

I told her giddyup
We ran a train on her

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