Young Thug – Global Access (feat. Nate Ruess) [Official Lyric Video]

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The official lyric video for Young Thug’s “Global Access” featuring @nateruessmusic from his album ‘BUSINESS IS BUSINESS’ – Out Now!

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It’s really no way they can catch em he far gone
You gone need a couple jet lifts keep it real with niggas
Yeah the kid been passive global access
Off a mufuckin adlib
Yeah momma i done made it no more dat piff

Superspeed on the e-way the benz a cat yeah
I was caught up on something but now i’m back yeah
I just almost had threw away like eleven years
Pss pss
Aye my nigga watch em driveby
Better ride by
We get killed for a side eye
12 demand respect or else they killing til we all die
But not mines we ain’t small fries

See one of my whips you better not run up with that rah rah
This **** in my genes, i’m really like my dada
She dont smoke but she say tonight she need a jump off
Skrrt skrrt i’ve been in the benz with the frog eyes

You got checks as long as I could bring the smoke out
You a vegetable now all you do is smoke out
She want me to get her ass to where it poke out
She got hips so now it’s hard to grip both sides

She tryna turn up on that dick and lets get both fly
I know a real throat killer and she so shy
She got her hand in my jeans doing no jiving
I told her we’ll be at the crib in like 4 5

I don’t think it’s hard to love me
I’m tryna embrace your lifestyle baby
I’m tryna upgrade your watch and car keys
Iont floss I don’t like to floss my lifestyle

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