TEA TOWEL GANG – POOR 2011 (The WasteMan Remix) (POW 2011 Parody)

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Vuju Banton, Shanka Minaj and Rusty Foot, long time Tea Towel Gang members. Notorious for eating up MS13 go INNN on the Pow 2011 beat!

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Lyrics –
It’s the wasteman remix , True Religion Jeans , Its Peak Astro’s to the rave , Total 90’s Cracked lips , Got no Carmex , So I roll with my dry lips…Dora the Explorer!

Poor! Point to my Ralphy! Poor! Fake LV Poor!Fake Trueys
Poor! Allow me 50 p!

… I rave with no P, sweat like **** , Yes the B.O is me, Spray me, Spray me!
No Nando’s, Just sams, I have no car I lied, TFL , BMF, big metroline fiend, use my sisters under 15, when my oyster has no P, go hard on my world of warcraft CD, grab any girl and … DAGGA DAGGA DAGGA DAGGA! Fat one, Skinny one….DAGGA, DAGGA, DAGGA, DAGGA…

Dagga a lampost! Dagga lampostDagga my dad! ….10 man to a moet ….like it’s a bottle of Lucozade, Go cinema with the mandem when I get paid….I NEVER GETT LAIIDD!

Verse 2 — Shanka Minaj


Im repping Poundland! Everyday of the month star!!…Sports direct? They may as well be my sponsor…My wallets in A and E, D to the Vizzle, please give me 6p, no minor joke, a new kinda broke, only ever see paper on the toilet seat..

But, its not whining and dining, ITS sams when Im valentinsing, watch you in the shubz when your whining, beat the store clerk IF my card starts declining…
Spit greeze on facebook chat, saying Im gonna duppy you with my forehead, wanna make quick p? just add me still!…My name’s Tellytuby fi dead!!

Can’t move to gyal, skins too dry, wait for the rains just to moistourize so I beat them up and call them ugly, but I just want them to Love me!! .Less G’s then my Gcse grades, easily waved of Tesco Cherry Ade tesco cherryade shot….Approached in the street by African Aid, when I smile, looks like I ate a Grenade!

Verse 3 — Rusty Foot


Gucci snot….Repping La, senza, Wembley market?…Im a gold card member, I like piff lighties, leave skidmarks on my panties…rub my chest with chaparties , Don’t get invited to parties, solar panel forehead, Im not butters, Im marmalade ….shape up…mine failed, that’s why it looks like a minefield, draw chicks from yellow pages, Im romantic like trey, when you sleep, I breathe on your face!

Many thanks to Rashid and Kevin from Link Up, Aathavan from the Flownerds team and those giving support! Much love!


Ps. Swagilpesy sufferers beware.

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