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Tarek & Zenci are from Munich East Station, a part of the city only few tourists visit. As young men with Angolan and Egyptian roots, their music is heavily inspired by UK drill and their lyrics reflect their lives in the Free State of Bavaria.

Producer: Produced by. Cosmo, Jamal, Saint Purp

Mix & Master : Cosmo, Sobre

Videographer: NTV JACKSON

Artist’s IG:
Tarek: https://www.instagram.com/tarek.obh/?hl=de
Zenci: https://www.instagram.com/zenci_obh/?hl=de

Translated Lyrics:

Wirth X bags 3.5 (Cali)
Through the lockdown
2 lifter Toxic
I’m blue like Chelsea
Staysi want fifty grams on a 10
But get airplane mode
Because she has IQs like babies

In the trap Play PlayStation
**** am too lazy again
and throw packs out the window like brandy
But hope that the police don’t Dirty Dances like Swayze
Step out be smart keep it pssst
Only my bud comes loud
He can’t keep up cause I
know that routes
Officer too slow Go and hold that L
I got jay jay on me no okocha
All u so is Cap u deserve an Oscar
No need for pepper spray or anything
Swing them Fiat like Mortal Combat

Swing them fist like Ong-Bak
Police shoots pics Form a Honda
In longer blind like Stevie Wonder
O-Town Sensei Cup with Cognac
Jump over Fences like back in the day
No love for a informer
Men turning to pussys of threatened
Leaving there bros that’s heartless

U can’t take Bad Man for fool huh
Who you think are u fooling
Lets be real
They ain’t got no heart
On the Station they snitch
Mix banana kush with moonrocks
I sees police I do moonwalk
Haze Purple like lean in my Cup
Mediate that or handle that
Handle that latex gloves wrap That up
She wants a Men from O Flows like Boyboy
Bye bye

Eyes small like Kim Jong
And red like the like Police Ladys tampon
Serving food on the street like Bangkok
With the government back and forth
No ping pong
With the head through the wall like King King
Heart attack when in Trapp does ding dong

Bro bon chance
Bro is checking out Molly from a defekt volvo
On Ravers with a look like in London

Be sure man is stepping protected just in case it might bang like jelly
Send my brother a letter in jail house
Cause he didn’t give two Fs like Fendi
O town sensei stay in the field like deli Ali
Back then life was pretty but it ain’t anymore like Halle Berry
Penalty heavy heavy heavy
From young on dumb **** Prince like sinbad bitch be carefull where you dumb your ashes
Stay in the center like Tolisso
Need racks on deck no yugi oh
Pass that spliff spill some Gin
Bringin the Block just like Yao Ming
Henny in my Cup I’m on my Wave


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