Taliban Attack Pakistan University, 30 Dead

It has been reported that at least 30 people have been killed and more than 50 wounded during a gun attack on a University in Pakistan. It is believed four armed men wearing suicide vests began to open fire at the Bacha Khan University campus in Charsadda, located in the north west of the Country. The Pakistani Taliban have taken responsibility for the killings.

Reports from the local media claim the attack appeared to of begun at a hostel for male students, although the victims include both males and females.


The Gunmen scaled over a wall to reach the building at around 9:30 am local time, before firing mercilessly at students and staff. One student named Naseer said “They were directly shooting at the heads of the students.” Eye witness reports suggest that grenades or suicide bombings may have also occurred during the attack.

Soldiers were rushed in from the provincial capital of Peshawar to aid police In clearing the campus while anxious and worried relatives waited outside the gates for any news. It has been confirmed that four gunmen have been killed by Pakistani security forces.

One member of the teaching staff said he suspected the attacks may have been connected to a planned poetry event honouring the university’s namesake, Pashtun nationalist Bacha Khan. Khans grandson leads the secular Awami national party. This party has opposed the Taliban since the 1980’s.


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