Pornhub is offering free membership for lonely w*nkers on Valentine’s Day

pornhub free

Pornhub is really, erm, coming through for you on Valentine’s Day.

The adult site is offering free premium membership on Valentine’s Day.

So whether you’re a lonely w*nker or want to enjoy **** with your partner(s) on Valentine’s Day, Pornhub promises to be your new bae.

So today, February 14, Pornhub is offering the gift of fast and high quality ad-free streaming.

The gift, which admittedly sounds better than a limp bunch of flowers of a teddy holding a heart, is completely free of charge, no strings, for one day only.

The premium access will automatically expire, so users won’t be tied into a contract or incur any costs.

Pornhub have also given a little peep into users’ bedrooms.

The site have revealed what categories of erotica people are more likely to watch on Valentine’s Day – and it’s probably more romantic that you think.

Free **** hub membership (PornHub)


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