Perfect Hand Crew | Rain Drop (Prod. By The HeavyTrackerz) [Music Video]: SBTV #FrenchGrime

Perfect Hand Crew originating out of France return to SB with a very clean visual laid over a grimy HeavyTrackerz production.. Big up the European Grime crew.. ?? Global settings.

Perfect Hand Crew is a French Grime trio from Montpellier (Southern France) consisting of MCs Tasty TooK & Billy and the DJ/Producer Mago. They are best known for their singles, “Winter Is Coming”, “From UK to France & Czech (” as well as their live performances. They have worked with some top Grime producers such as Spooky, Masro, SNY, Dexplicit and received support from Grime MCs like JME, FlowDan & Meridian Dan.


Perfect Hand Crew
9 years in the game ain’t nothing changed
Spaceship Music yeah
Trust me

[Verse 1: Tasty TooK] 2016
Still with the team
Perfect Hand

9 years later, we much better big in the game
Hair’s longer, beard’s longer but we’re not the same

And **** them hipster, nah we’re not the same

We’re not the same
Tasty stronger you know the name
Icey, colder with Mary Jane
Wavy, higher I feel like a plane

Dragon soul, dragon’s tail
Fire balls, call me Liu Kang
On the microphone I spit flames

Top of the food chain
We dem chefs
Manaman cooking
You guys lame
We the best
My team the strongest nah you can’t test


Re up rehab
I fall on your head like a raindrop
We puff we add
Some flavour man we won’t stop
Weed up we ride
And now we climbin on top
We’re up we’re live
Reefa gonna make my brain pop

[Verse 2: Billy]

Mid fingers
Man I want six figures
On my account triggers
Gon blast in the air it’s the right time

Right time
Man I gotta rap tight
Spit real bars and again jab
Breakin your bones one punch blam

Big speakers trap grime
Sub woofer fat fam
Big in the game bad man
Killin the riddim it’s the right time

Right time now you know the right time
All about the timing and a mad mind
Jumpin in the moshpit with a mad crowd

All day puffin all dates
I puff till I can’t feel my body
Mayday mayday
I’m not ready for the d day
All day puffin all day
I puff till I can’t feel my body
Mayday I said mayday
Jsuis en galère venez m’aider

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Video made in Scotland
Directed By Gabriel Dugué –
Produced By The HeavyTrackerz (UK)
Mixed By Zeller
Thanks for watching!

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