Paigey Cakey – Lotto Bars (Official Video)

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Music video by Paigey Cakey performing Lotto Bars (Official Video). © 2019 Paigey Cakey

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Instrumental by Mobb Deep – I’m going out
Directed by Kayla Owen


I aint bitter
Just a, a little triggered
I got 9 on my tongue I’m licking shot when I deliver
I earned my stripes would of thought that I was tigger
You eating large baby girl I’m eating bigger
I got bigger things to worry bout
Im shady when the sun is out
30 in the summer I’m about to bring the humma out
If you hit that belly then I’m coming I want summa dat
Bout to hit the stage but before I need my money Ak
Paid in fall like I’m Mitch
Nothing every counterfeit
I rain thats the drip
Everything I ever say’s Legit
13K on my wrist, light work
Got em benching they ain’t making the lift
Never I ain’t on it
I’m a stupid shopaholic
keep me eyes on it
Like I’m facing a bullet
If it ain’t a motive then dipping like the hummus
Hotter than scotch but my neck stays the coolest
Tell me something I ain’t know about me
That rumours in the streets for the clout b
I make moves when I’m dancing with my car keys
Got a sick whip but I ain’t show it coz they salty
Baby girl I got the sauce
You need it I’m the source
I always stay on course
I eat a 3 main course
Feeling myself pause
They watching like M kors
I’m running these endorsements
Doing up 10 toes
I got the vibes lil mama
And my lip gloss is popping
Like the tags when I’m shopping
Bags i be rocking
But i don’t like to boast
Always at events but I don’t like to social
Some think I’m anti but thats how it goes
I ain’t tryna do the most
So I sit back and coast
Big spliff in my hand
Big **** when I land
With sis and the gang
Don’t act like you know
Coz you don’t

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