Marger x Jay Amo – Bate [Music Video]

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Music video for Marger x Jay Amo – Bate
‘Don’t play yourself’ EP out now

Bate lyrics
If the mandem are feeling hungry we’ll finesse the bricks,
If i hear anyone try shaku on the beat i might go skitz,
I will never sell my soul to make a couple of hits,
I only smoke ammi and flavours they smoke seeds and sticks,

I dont rate these guys who go and sell for the fame,
Had ur girl on 4s im drippin sauce our yay aint the same,
They claim that they trap but you could never trap on my estate
These boydem fort i never saw them they’re wrong they’re bait,

Marger verse1

The goon the plug
We still push grub
They hate there mugs
They think there thug but no
Studio is in the day
she get badder by the night
She just wanna see me paid
She don’t wanna be my wife
Nutting but bangers I’m giving them
See me I’m covered in Vivienne
I’m on a hunt for these millions
Pull up in something with leathers in
blowing that medicine ready for work
Ready for reddies already on lerk
I want the bellly you sit in front of telly
Wake up early Sunday ready for church
I… chase…band
Go.. ape…gang
On job
Acted up you get rob
My goons are on wicked
So don’t talk like your some boss


Jay amo verse 2

Yh u chat about man but i dont hear **** when im around,
So **** these pussyoles tryna draw man out for clout,
Claim that they trap but then holla me when theres a drought,
Sick of these fake ass rookies they shud close their mouth,

I just wanna go legit but i keep coming back to the block,
And the trouble keeps following me im possessed by the local opp
And the feds are pissed cuz they cant catch jay am makin these local drops
Cant get a hold of my prints let alone get man swabbed

Pick it grind it bill it spark it,
Man ride out in blacked out garments,
Were the local opps in the darkness,


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