Lady Leshurr – Mercy

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Me and the L Team Clowning and having FUN!

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Lady Leshurr
Mic Check 1 – 2 How am I sounding?
Now everybody’s saying I’m astounding
Got lyrics to kill them I never found them
They will get yam yam yam like I’m pounding
F’n up the beat it’s so arousing
We in the house your filling forms in the housing
Now they’re sticking out their mouthpiece pouting
But I’ll leave their lips red on a clown ting
I’ll be like hows things? Yeah, hows things?
Turn a pretty little lighty to brownskin
I got bars so I’m a bring the rounds in
1 bar will leave your headtop bouncing
1 bar will leave your headtop pounding
On guard a beast so get back pouncing
You need to get their brows did stop frowning
Igniterr’s the only guy I roll around with

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