La Melo X Bussines X Jaysong – Wait #Cubandrill/Spanishdrill πŸ‡¨πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ (Music Video)|@MixtapeMadness

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Producer: La Melo
Videographer: Mechu & Marlon Garrigas

Translated Lyrics:

Money from coco
Hide everything if the popo is coming
I’m not famous but they ask for pictures
I gave her a drink then I ate her out
I take her to the sky but I’m not a pilot.
The chocolate comes from Morocco
In my gang we are all crazy
Forty five and I’ll erase your face
The horse here to sleep all the fools
They talk **** but I don’t notice them
Don’t call me I don’t know you
Diamonds on my neck more bright than a spotlight
I came to the club and broke a couple bottles
Play a song by viti and el roko
I’m drunk in the benzo but I don’t crash it
I am that nigga who has the saoco
I risk my freedom for a little bit of food
When I saw my tata on her bed there wasn’t a better argument
Even though I came I still felt empty inside
That’s why I still cry for the ones that aren’t here but are still watching.

Wait wait wait wait the hardest one is here I’m not giving breaks.
Wait wait wait wait your shoes are Gucci but they are fake
Wait wait wait wait. I didn’t have **** but now I’m eating steak.
Wait wait wait. You boys hate the kid but I can’t be that fake.

Save it baby, they don’t want me to make it.
I see it. I like it. I’ll take it. Cooking it cooking it mix it mix it.
There’s a problem I’m the fix it. Never been scared yeh.
Gonna risk it. Trying to get a piece of the biscuit.
Ever since I was a kid I was a misfit.
I’m the one I’m the one like Bieber.
Popping a wheelie in a three wheeler
Making β€˜em run like a wide receiver
Came from the dirt in a clean wife beater.
Beat it just beat it do it like mj is a thriller.
You don’t have shooters, you are not a killer.
Mr officers I’m not a dealer. Bring your hoe around me I’m stealing her.
If I wanted to, I would get it myself. Live by the code so it’s **** 12.
**** with the kid that’s a risk for your health. You better off finding somebody else.
Never fake **** god know I ain’t lying. I was just a kid. My mom was dying.
I talked to God but he wasn’t replying.

Don’t come talk to me about the streets, you bastards, you’re not seeing who I’m with
We make the rules
You are controlled by a controller
It is true that it has been slow to arrive but I dont suck up to anyone
Without being the first of this genre
I am the one who has the highest rank
All your bars full of nonsense
They can shine next to our carats
We always win there is no draw
No one appears to kill us.
Wait wait wait wait
I’m not perfect but I’ve never been fake
You don’t know how much I have hustled
That’s why I’m not going to give it a break
Mansion for mommy no matter what
Your hoes don’t satisfy me
The flow you can’t buy it you have to be born with it
Don’t be calling me to make amends.
Your boss offers me to calm down.
But my price is out of reach


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