Kano Performs “Teardrops” | Rated Awards 2020

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Directed by: Aneil Karia
Created by: Aneil Karia & Kano

The charity INQUEST report that since 1990 there have been at least 100 deaths of people who are racialized as black in or following police contact in the UK since 1990*

This data is based on monitoring and casework since 1989 when INQUEST began, as well as official reports since they began to be published.
[*This number does not include people who died following police pursuit or in road traffic incidents, and excludes four men who were fatally shot during acts of terrorism.]

All profits generated from the views of this video will be donated to INQUEST.

https://www.inquest.org.uk/ | @INQUEST_ORG

To further support independent family campaigns: https://www.inquest.org.uk/family-campaigns

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