“Gangland” Viewers Shocked to see man Hide Drugs up his Bum

Filmed by Gangsters using Go Pro’s, The insightful episode showed the viewing public how dealers hide their goods from the police and enemies, amongst other things.

The episode follows former Woolwich Boys gang member Jordy, who at the time of filming was standing trial on a number of charges, as he explained more about gang life. He said how he used to “plug” his behind with up to four “G-Packs”, which are wraps of crack cocaine worth £1,000, inside himself in case he was caught by police on his way to a drug deal.

Sometimes he’d even have to make the uncomfortable drive for hours just to make the deals. “I had to do things to keep my freedom, innit. I had to plug things up my a**e,” Jordy confessed.

“We had to go to nasty extents where customers are ringing every minute. We’re plugging…unplugging, plugging…unplugging. “More times we’re unplugging there’s s*** there, so we’re scraping the s*** off the parcels. Unhygienic, like mad.

However viewers were left both disgusted and fascinated by the gruesome scene showed by channel 5, of an anonymous man filming himself inserting drugs up his bum.

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