Fornite Season 5, Week 8 Hidden Battle Star Location

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There’s No Hidden Battle Star For Fortnite’s Season 5, Week 8 Challenges: There’s Something Else

Each week this season, Fortnite players have been scrambling to solve every challenge in order to complete the Road Trip challenge and unlock the secret skin.

This week, things are a bit different.

To unlock the Road Trip skin you need to solve seven weeks worth of challenges. It doesn’t have to be the first seven weeks, it can be any mix of 7/10 weeks in order to get the skin.

However, only the first seven weeks have special loading screens with secret, hidden Battle Star locations. This week’s loading screen contains a different prize: A secret, hidden Banner.

Here’s where to search once you get to Tomato Temple, via FortniteIntel:

And here’s what the banner looks like, also via FortniteIntel:

It may not be a Battle Star that will net you an entire Battle Pass tier on your quest for the Ragnarok Outfit, but it’s a pretty sweet Banner. This game doesn’t have that many really cool Banner designs, but the fully upgraded Tomato Head is sweet.

During Season 4’s “Blockbuster” challenge, after week 7 there was just nothing to find. This year, it looks like we’ll be getting Banners…or maybe something else entirely in weeks 9 and 10.

I do really like Week 8’s loading screen, however. It’s Tomato Temple in all its glory. I wonder if Week 9 will feature the CUBE? I wonder if the Visitor from Season 4 is living inside that CUBE? So many CUBE questions, so little time.

After this week there are only two remaining in Season 5. Season 6 will get underway in mid-September.

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