Decks Of Kin: Novelist

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Musical taste may not be genetic, but in some families musical roots run deep. Decks of Kin looks at black music culture through a generational lens as young artists get into conversation with a relative from an older generation who influenced their musical evolution.

By meeting big names through this intimate and relatable access point, we get to share the foundation stories of today’s stars, in conversation with those they’re closest to. And by learning about the music and the culture of the generations who influenced them we’ll contextualise and explore the richness of British black music heritage with an appreciation of just how deep these musical roots really run.

Filmed in the intimate surrounds of an old school record store, these personal audiences unfold as our star and their relative reminisce about the heritage they both share in an unfiltered and free flowing conversation.

We meet singer Santino Le Saint and Dad, Charlie, who was part of 1990s hip hop group 57th Dynasty. Rapper Novelist who is joined by his Mum and Creative Advisor, Dee. And Jordss sits down with her Mum, Verna, whose eclectic music taste influenced her to become a DJ.

This video contains Flashing Images.

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