Cameraman Odotsheaman Jailed For Money Laundering

London Camera man and head of OSM Vision Odotsheaman has been jailed for money laundering. Odot, real name Kingsley O’shea, was arrested during a raid on a old warehouse in south London earlier tonight, although police are yet to reveal the exact location. The 22 year old who is head of his own website and YouTube channel has been charged with money laundering as well as being in possession of stolen passports. speaking to ITV detective Mark Grant of London Met Police said ” We had an anonymous tip off from a member of the public about high levels of activity in and around an old warehouse.
A raid was carried out and 12 Males along with 4 Females were arrested. A large quantity of counterfeit money was also recovered from the scene, along with several pieces of equipment, thought to be printers.” it is not yet known how Kingsley, a popular figure amongst local London rappers and producers, will plead to the charges brought against him, however the minimum sentence for these offences is 14 years.












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