Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered leaked

call of duty leaked

This year’s new Call Of Duty has just had its release date leaked, and what seems to be a remake of Call Of Duty 4.
Yet more leaks have appeared online for this year’s new Call Of Duty, with the reservation card above, from US store Target, appearing on Reddit. It reveals a November 4 release date for what is believed to be called Infinite Warfare.
That’s exactly the sort of time a new Call Of Duty is usually released, so there’s no surprises there. Assuming it’s not a fake the artwork also seems to show some kind of soldier holding what could be construed as a space helmet.
What’s most interesting is that this ‘Legacy Edition’ seems to come bundled with a remaster of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision stopped using the ‘4’ in the name a few years after release).


No doubt the remaster will also be sold separately at some point, but the question is how much effort will be put into it and if it will include the multiplayer as well as single-player.

Infinite Warfare is set to become the 13th mainline entry in the series and yet there’s only ever been one remaster so far: a last gen port of the first Call Of Duty that was released alongside Modern Warfare 2.

Since the sources for all these leaks are anonymous posters on Reddit there’s still a chance they could all be fake, but more reliable sources do point towards an official reveal by at least Tuesday next week.



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