Bully – Flood Season One

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  1. Intro
  2. They Know (ft Yung Reeks)
  3. No Sleep
  4. Mary Poppings (ft Yung Reeks)
  5. Everyday (ft. PK Stunna)
  6. 06 I’m Home
  7. Telepathic X Yung Reeks
  8. Luv All Of Mine (ft. K Trizzy)
  9. Pain
  10. Moment X TKay and Yung Reeks
  11. Kabalah
  12. Da Plug (ft. Trap Jones and Pimpin)
  13. Weed and Liquor (ft. FaceSqueeze)
  14. Beat Luv (ft. Mshka)
  15. Rapid (ft. Budz)
  16. U Owe Me
  17. No Sleep (ft. Croydon)


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