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Artist Bio:

Blvnt Sinatra is an Italian artist from Sicily who has made a name for himself as one of the first Italian artists to embrace UK drill.โ€‹
From a very young age, he falls in love with hip hop, graffiti culture and everything around it; at 15 he starts writing as a natural process speaking of the struggles of street life; at 18 he decides to take music seriously and releases his 1st EP.โ€‹
In 2020 Blvnt Sinatra released a series of 3 drill freestyles called “Drill IT” and “Boujie Drillaโ€ produced by Dutch producer Rxckson.

Producer: Southern130
Videographer: Frank Falletta

Artistโ€™s IG:

Translated lyrics:

Take your hands off my stuff
You can find me in the streets while sipping Henny
All my opps in the block are praying for my failure
how much does it weight? give me the price
Came to the projects witha gyal
The police is watching they think we are doing ****
in fact I’m running my own business

You can’t handle us
I split only with cousins and brothers
Free the mandem from jail
If you don’t know us don’t get too comfy
Ghetto ghetto in my neighbourhood
People bet on who has less money
Fam you can’t eat dreams

I don’t do freestyle I don’t do anything for free
You got to pay me if you want to see me performing
or if you want do coke on my CD
A money machine can’t work without energy
it has to balance everything in the industry
In fact I put 2 of my homies on the streets, one in the studio and the last one in front of a post office

All eyes on me I want ice on me, on my neck and on my wrist
Trappin’ easy like Jeezy
Watching out for a big booty in blue jeans
Pull up with the sticky
Cigarettes and whisky just like a Peaky
Cali Weed, Blue Cheese, codeine and promethazine

I have create this **** in Italy
I’m known also outside of my country
Just like pizza, mafia, cannoli and state massacres
92 Impero, SICILY is the place where I was born, where the omerta is in force or you are a picciotto or you are a soldier

Stepping my G , we are making an epic movie in the bando , 808 grimey, if you don’t trust us came here and test me
Gang gang Equipe I’m Sicilian so I say “Clan Clan” we will ride in a Lambo but we’ll never sell a Fiat Panda
Brother I split only with cousins and my brothers I carry big weights over my back
my bread is leavening for dinner
No bitch no fake the scheme
My phone company
made a deal because every 3 months I change a sim card


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