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BLK 140 is a rapper from the French housing estate Cité de la Plaine in Clamart (Paris). Attracted to music from a very young age, BLK140 was placed in a foster home for minors and felt the in-house studio was the only place where he felt he was truly in his element. After making music with the collective “Crazy Group Music”, BLK140 started to release solo projects and freestyles.
He quickly caught the attention of Ninho’s producer, Nice, who invited him to perform at the rap radio show “Planete Rap” at the legendary French radio station Skyrock and that led to his signing to Ninho’s label itself.

Producer: BR PROD & BN PROD
Videographer: Marty

Translated lyrics:

I’ve got the solution when you’re short of money, always calm, never in a panic.
No politeness the mafia rob you no solution if my guys track you down, where were you when I was holding the bricks no sleep I only think of filling the bag.

I got so many enemies I can make kishta I cash in every month like a professional A-series, I only have brothers in arms for the rest of the life I’m on ciroc but I don’t sip.
I’m on the side, but I’m on the ball, don’t play the big guy, I’ve seen you shaking just to hold 100 grams, 3/4 of my friends are not out.
I’ve got to play with them, I’ve got to make them run like a dog, they respect the law, my slobbering one bypasses it 2k21, it’s my turn.
I’ve got two feet on the ground, I’m smoking on the tertus until late, since then I’ve been using the language of Molière, you’re the gang, you’re going back as a black eye.
I’m in the endz long before the bikers, I don’t smoke much, I don’t have headaches, in times of crisis I don’t make pads and I make them hang out on the pavement.
They ask for forgiveness, the G17 gives you a good shower, I’ve got 25 cartridges in the magazine, it’s certain that one of them will touch you.
I’m not going to turn over a new leaf, solo with both feet in the trap I’ve been wise for a long time.
I’m going faster on the road to success I’ve got no brakes
I’ve been counting the laws I’ve broken for a long time

Insta: @BLK140


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