Afters with Emerald (1st Afters of 2021) | Rinse FM

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Welcome to the first Afters of 2021! Kicking off the year with a hi-speed 160 special blending footwork, jungle and everything in between.


“The best part of any party, for me, is the afters… incredible DJs going back to back, rare gold being spun, friendships thriving, new mates being made.

People comfortable, happy and having the time of their lives.

I want to recreate that energy by inviting world class DJs plus my friends to play an intimate party to a room full of legends, warmed up by myself.

Then sharing it with the world on a live stream, all broadcasted on RINSE FM.”


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Rinse is at the centre of a vast musical community. As genres, artists and scenes evolve and fragment, so Rinse remains locked to the pulse of the underground. Inspiring and nurturing people to create the music that they want to hear, the results speak for themselves.

Est.1994. Transmitting uncompromising and innovative music out of its East London heartland, it started life as a pirate station established by a group of friends wanting to share the music that inspired them

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